Kevin M. Weeks

Historical Fiction by Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks

Background behind Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks’ young adult historical fiction book titled Entangled In Freedom: A Civil War Story.




isbn: 978-1453555255

The Street Life Series Youth Edition: Entangled In Freedom

by Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks

The young adult historical fiction novel titled Entangled In Freedom was written in Atlanta, Georgia.  This book was a collaboration between Ann DeWitt, a family genealogist and family historian. Entangled in Freedom explores the civil war from an African-American vantage point that is often overlooked.  The premise is that former slaves significantly contributed to the building of the United States military during the U.S. Civil War and have earned their rightful place as part of United States military history.  Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks received the following recognition for Entangled In Freedom. 

  • Mom's Choice Awards, Best in Family-Friendly Media, Products, and Services for Young Adult Historical Fiction
  • Moonbeam Children's Award
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans Bonnie Blue Society Award
  • New York Book Festival, Honorable Mention
  • The New England Book Festival, Honorable Mention


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The Black History contribution of Entangled in Freedom is summarized as follows in a book review by C.A. Webb, who is the Founder of the Hip Hop and Books Initiative. 


ENTANGLED IN FREEDOM Creates Great Basis For History Discussion With Youth by Cyrus Webb

For me I think what made ENTANGLED IN FREEDOM a great book is that it took history--something that some think is boring and without real merit today--and creates a fictionalized story that people of all backgrounds can read and relate to. I think keeping in mind that it is fiction, authors Ann DeWitt and Kevin M. Weeks have done an amazing job in keeping the reader's attention but also showing us once again that there are much more things that unite us than divide us.

Thrilling with real lessons to be learned, ENTANGLED IN FREEDOM creates a great basis for a history discussion with young and old.

From the beginning of this [Civil War] struggle, [African Americans] took part—on the Union side thousands of run-a-way slaves joined the Army and Navy. Likewise thousands took part on the Confederate side actuated by a type of loyalty unsurpassed by human annals.
— West A. Hamilton, Colonel, Infantry Reserve Hampton Conference on National Defense (November 1940)
Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press (1983)

Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press (1983)


National Guard Honorary Brigadier General West A. Hamilton served 44 years in the United States Military and was a veteran of 2 world wars.  Delivering a speech on the historical and contemporary role of African-Americans in national defense at the 1940 Hampton Conference on National Defense, Honorary Brigadier General Hamilton accounts for the military service of African-Americans with the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War (1861-1865).


Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.
— Ronald Reagan, 40th President of the United States