Kevin M. Weeks

Meet Kevin Weeks (Author)

Kevin M. Weeks quick facts and biography as an African-American author and writer of a crime fiction as well as young adult historical fiction book collection titled The Street Life Series.

 Kevin M. Weeks, The Author


Kevin is an avid reader.  His favorite literature includes the Daily Report, law books and Webster's Dictionary.

After reading, he often gives his books away to those who cannot afford to purchase.

He was reunited with his teenage children by listing their names in the Acknowledgments of his first crime fiction book titled “The Street Life Series: Is it Suicide or Murder?”

He is the first American writer awarded both the African American Pavilion at BookExpo America Award and the Sons of Confederate Veterans Bonnie Blue Society Award

Kevin M. Weeks first radio interview was on Conversations LIVE with Cyrus Webb.

Three of The Street Life Series books appeared on three consecutive Publishers Weekly Magazine Covers for the Small Press / Independent Book Publishers Association.

Kevin M. Weeks is a member of PEN America USA.

Young men whom he inspires call him "Unc," short for Uncle.

He founded the Stay Off the Streets Fund hosted by the American Endowment Foundation.

Against all odds and with self-determination, he successfully completed all studies required by nationally accredited Blackstone Career Institute to become a Paralegal in the state of Georgia. He is an Associate Member of the Georgia Association of Paralegals (GAP).

He is an advocate for the Constitutional rights of prisoners and often gives voice to those who have been unfairly silenced.

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Kevin M. Weeks Quick Facts

Birth Place: West Philadelphia, PA

Residence: Atlanta, GA

Nationality: American

Occupation: Writer, Author

Genre: Crime Fiction, Young Adult Fiction

Notable Works: The Street Life Series

Other Literary Projects: The Anne Frank Center (USA) Diary Program: Expedition out of the Concrete Jungle

Alma Mater: Blackstone Career Institute

Parents: Signe Adderley and The Late Anthony Weeks

Children: 5

Literary Awards: Entangled in Freedom: Mom's Choice Award Young Adult Historical Fiction, Moonbeam Children's Awards Historical/Cultural Young Adult Historical Fiction and  Sons of Confederate Veterans Bonnie Blue Society Scholarly Research.  The Street Life Series: African American Pavilion at BookExpo America Urban Book Series Award,  New York Book Festival Award, London Book Festival Award, Bestseller List

A man’s pride resides in his life’s achievements and the legacy he leaves for his family. It’s never too late to turn things around for the common good.
— Kevin M. Weeks